TBS Technology Approach

The effective application of technology to an organization is paramount to its success. Without properly planned use of the technology available, most businesses will not be able to keep up with competition. Whether you are managing a startup or have an ongoing business concern, your organization may not have the level of expertise available to properly manage the technology needs required to meet your organizations goals.

TBS has long recognized this problem and has a technology team in place that is flexible in the approach to assisting any organization as an extension of their current technology capabilities. The technology needs of today are wide and varied. Startups may have a great concept but lack the capabilities to effectively deliver the technology needs for overall success. Existing businesses may have a technology team in place but also need additional resources to further their efforts in how they support their organization.


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Engagement with clients depends on the variables surrounding the challenges and resources they have available. We approach every client’s needs individually and in many cases work ongoing as an extension to any technology teams they may have in place. Client agreements in the past have been both fee based, equity based or a combination of the two and we are open to any of these models with future clients.

 tech quality Our capabilities are delivered by our expanding team of thirty-five plus managers, developers and engineers from the company owned development and testing facility. Our highly educated and trained software professionals can effectively deliver applications

in most coding languages to support both front end and back end needs as well as sophisticated mobile apps.

Transnational’s belief is that technology is an integral requirement in today’s competitive world. As such we have developed a subsidiary brand to further market our services. Our team at TECHNOLOGY EXTENSION PARTNERS has had many great successes in working with businesses and organizations around the world both large and small and would be open to speaking about your organizations technology needs.

Please visit www.technologyep.com for additional information.