Offshore/Onshore Preparation
of Books of Accounts, Preparation
of Financial Statements and
Generation of MIS Reports


This segment provides clients with proprietary financial research and analytics.Transnational's knowledge center allows financial services clients to reduce their direct and indirect costs, while leveraging a global workforce to become more effective.



Winning business models of the future will need to be flexible. By this, we mean for example, a businesses
would need to be able to double their sales without significantly increasing the number of employees. This may sound impossible, but it is not. TBS has worked with and developed a number of outsourcing solutions which would be considered flexible business models within numerous industries.


Comprehensive Workflow System.
Financial and LGD/ PD/ EAD modelling.
We are involved in the consulting and implementation of an integrated financial spreading and rating engine.
Default Repository for PD / LGD modelling as well as for analytics on the credit appraisal, credit monitoring and collections management.
Management and validation of models.

From periphery to core, Transnational offers a wide range of Financial and Accounting business and knowledge process services and solutions. Our clients are full services CPA firms, financial services firms like investment banks, private equity firms and mid to large size corporations. Our financial service team consists of finance and accounting professionals with diverse international experience both in the consulting industry and corporations. Each of our client engagements is collaborative and customized, with flexible delivery models (onshore /onsite/ offshore) thus ensuring a unique value package of cost, quality and efficiency to our customers. We realize that in this domain we are constantly dealing with sensitive, confidential information and thus put the highest value on the security of such information. By partnering with us, our clients achieve their unique competitive edge of sufficient scale and differentiated skills.
Download our Financial Services Capability Document here.