TBS works to enable organizations to reach their potential success and profitability by maximizing their people’s effectiveness at all levels. Successful organizations have everyone from the leader to each team member totally aligned with the goals of the organization and with each other. Once TBS engages with an organization we will identify the the areas that need to be addressed in relationship management and implement strategies for improvement.

Our services will address the following area’s:

  • Executive Services
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Training
  • Team Development
  • Human Resources Services

Markets Served

The Health Services field is rapidly changing, adopting business systems while at the same time focusing on patient service, quality care, and state-of-the-art efficiency. TBS partners with health services organizations to ensure they have the maximum human resource effectiveness possible with executive effectiveness programs, management effectiveness programs, and employee effectiveness programs.

In today’s business environment, the emphasis is on effectiveness, efficiency, and results. We provide programs and services that enable all of an organization’s human resources, from employee to CEO, to have the skills necessary to be successful in this environment. In addition, we provide a variety of organizational development and human resource services to ensure that each of the human resource systems has maximum effectiveness to contribute to the organization’s success.

Not-for-profit organizations of all kinds are in a state of change. From different funding streams to a focus on outcome assessment by funders, from attrition of executives to changing boards and board demands, adaptation to change is critical. We offer programs specific to the current needs of not-for-profits: board development, strategic planning, succession planning, and leadership development.

Today, the financial services industry is more competitive than ever. The ability to assess clients’ needs and to partner with clients is essential. In addition, motivating staff and partner collaboration is critical. We offer specific programs for the financial services industry to succeed with these critical elements.

Partner Success Program Using highly focused diagnostic instruments, we assess partner strengths and weaknesses, identify areas of potential conflict, and provide strategies that result in the whole’s being greater than the sum of the parts with partners.

Sales Success Program Using Speedreaching People techniques with our partners, Speedreaching People, Inc., we teach financial professionals how to accurately assess potential clients and utilize the most appropriate techniques for successfully communicating and influencing clients and potential clients.

Creating a Financial Team Culture A team building program focused on getting disparate financial consultants to act as a client-focused team, thereby more successfully meeting clients’ needs and increasing over-all firm business.

With the intense competition that exists today, small businesses need some of the same expertise, systems, and strategies that are available to major corporations. We provide these systems and services in a very cost-effective, affordable way. This includes our executive advisory programs, executive team enhancement, strategic planning services, management training programs, human resource programs, and customer service programs. We translate our successful series for large organizations to meet the needs of small businesses in a competitive environment.

At today’s universities and colleges, the key works are outcome assessment, effectiveness, and competition. We assess higher education in meeting these challenges with programs focused on leadership development, customer service excellence, strategic planning, and management training. Many of our consultants have backgrounds as administrators and faculty with proven records of success as vice presidents, deans, and directors. Knowing the academic environment, we are able to apply successful business systems to achieve results.