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Winning business models of the future will need to be flexible. By this, we mean for example, a businesses would need to be able to double their sales without significantly increasing the number of employees. This may sound impossible, but it is not. TBS has worked with and developed a number of outsourcing solutions which would be considered flexible business models within numerous industry’s.

There is nothing wrong with having employees. However, the complexity of a business rises with the number of employees. If you can grow sales without growing employees, your business will be much easier to run. Some businesses require an employee-intensive business model. However, a non-employee intensive model is a usually better and easier to run model in most cases.

Technology is one of the driving forces in the growth of Flexible Business Modeling and it will continue to grow as more businesses better understand how to use outsourcing with the proper technology interfaces that make their staffing transparent to their clients. As long as the products and services provided are delivered in an acceptable manner at a fair price the clients will not be concerned about whether any staffing was outsourced.

Case Study #1:

Outsourced Medical Coding Solution

As the Healthcare Industry transitions to ICD-10 medical coding rules after decades of working in ICD-9, changes and restructuring of organizational policies and procedures will be necessary. This transition will affect much more than the coding department, if not prepared, it could significantly affect an organization’s revenue flow.

TBS has developed an outsourcing coding solution that allows healthcare organizations to concentrate on core business activities while eliminating the need to worry about coding duties and offers the ability to focus on more important business activities, such as improving patient care and satisfaction. Clients gain reduced overall costs when you calculate all the variables such as payroll taxes, fixed overhead, employee benefits, as well as management and training costs.

Elements of the Solution:

  • Unlimited supply certified medical coders for an agreed upon hourly fee as outsourced coders which will be paid as 1099 contractors.
  • Medical Coders will be only experienced fully certified professional coders through a thorough testing and vetting process.
  • The management platform will manage and audit the work through an automated process using Certified AHIMA Trainers.
  • Coding professionals will be monitored, hours will be verified with the client and then paid directly through our automated platform.
  • Clients may use as many coders as needed on both short and long term contracts.

Searching the Automated Coding Platform

The automated coding platform has search capabilities that allow management to drill down through the entire listing of profiles to find the coders most qualified for any particular job assignment.

Medical Biolling and Coding Platform

Analyzing Profiles in the Automated Coding Platform

Each coding profile lists the results of all testing that has been completed in the system as well as third party verification of all certifications. Further more each profile contains the complete resume and listing of job experiences which enables management to select the best candidates.

Medical Billing and Coding for ICD-10


Case Study #2:

Outsourced Mortgage Underwriting Solution

Mortgage Company’s of all sizes are now taking part in the trend toward outsourcing of some if not all of their Underwriting requirements for loan approvals. It has become popular way to stay competitive and profitable. Transnational Business Solutions provides the most secure and efficient platform available to supply certified professional underwriters to Mortgage Company’s.  Outsourcing of this function allows them to control costs and staffing needs in the cyclical highs and lows that are typical in the Mortgage Industry.

Elements of the Solution:

Access to the Mortgage Company’s Underwriting system is only allowed through the TBS secure VDI platform which requires dual authentication login from the underwriter’s PC or laptop. From there, access to the Client’s Underwriting system is then again validated by the IP address of the VDI platform. All of this occurs within the custom FlexTime Application designed for security, ease of use and tracking of assigned work orders.


Mortgage Underwriting Outsourced


Staffing Supply

Filling the cyclical needs of the Mortgage Industry with qualified professional underwriters is a priority of the TBS Flextime Solution. We have partnered with some of the leading suppliers of staffing to the Banking and Insurance Industries. Finding and properly vetting the best outsourced underwriters is a critical element of this program. Our Partners have earned reputations with the banking, financial and insurance industries as having extensive knowledge of the recruiting landscape that produces exceptional candidates for their clients and partners. The success of the TBS Flextime solution relies on the availability and supply from our staffing needed of highly professional certified underwriters. This allows us to meet the availability needs of our Mortgage clients across the Country.

Staffing Management System

Properly managing the staffing needs to the cyclical trends of the Mortgage Industry requires a management portal that automates the majority of processes involved. The level of sophistication available to us within the Online Staffing Management System allows us to keep pace with the work load from both the staffing supply side as well as being able to properly administrate the accounting requirements necessary.

The flexibility of the Staffing Management System allows seamless automated communication between both our staffing supply platform as well as the FlexTime Application on our VDI Platform. All data is safely transferred through secure encrypted communication protocols. All of the process flows within the Staffing Management System are updated automatically from all external components of the TBS FlexTime Program, thus providing a complete secure and efficient end to end solution.

Case Study #3:

Outsourced Floor Installation Contractors

Floor covering stores have historically been hiring subcontractors to handle their floor installation needs once they have sold any of their floor coverings as a supply and install service. Most flooring retailers have practiced this so they would only need to pay the installers when they were working and not in idle down times when business is not as brisk. Additionally the work takes place at the clients residence or place of business and is out of site and control from the retailer which would allow for the installers to work at their own pace which would end up costing the retailer higher labor costs. Using subcontractors if there is even a small job assignment and the installer is done in half of a day the retailer only needs to worry about the agreed upon installation fee and not paying them as an employee for the entire day.

Recently however the IRS has been coming down hard on retailers that subcontract all of their installations. One of the larger flooring retailers, Lowes was charged with paying their installers as 1099 contractors when they were actually being treated like employees and had to sign exclusivity agreements and work under Lowes scheduling orders. They were eventually fined and had to pay the contractors taxes as they were found to be employees under the Independent Contractor rules governed by IRS.

TBS has developed a solution for outsourcing to a third party vendor(TBS) that allows multiple floor covering retailers to select their installers from the list of flooring contractor profiles in the Outsourced Flooring Contractor Platform.  They would then be in complete compliance with the IRS rules for hiring independent contractors as the retailer is actually having the labor supplied by a Third-party thus voiding any responsibility toward the employer-employee relationship.

Further Benefits of the Solution:

  • Unlimited supply of qualified flooring installers for an agreed upon installation fee as outsourced contractors supplied by a third party staffing vendor that receives a percentage over and above the agreed upon fee for the management services provided.
  • Flooring contractors will be experienced fully qualified professionals as the retailers will be instructing those that have already been providing them installation services in the past,  that all future installation work will be run through a third party staffing firm. Installers will then need to setup a profile within the TBS Flooring Contractor Platform to have access to any of the retailers future installation work.
  • The floor contracting management platform will provide access to the flooring retailer to allow them to select the contractor they wish to perform each job. Once the job has been completed and the retailer signs off that they are satisfied the system will release funds to the installer through the automated platform.
  • Quality of work and cooperation with both the retailer and their clients will likely improve as each job assignment will be rated by the retailer. Since their will be several retailers within a geographic area selecting installation contractors for the same system those with more favorable ratings will likely gain more work assignments.
  • Retailers will be able to scale their business and have access to a much larger pool of installation resources and select those which have the best qualifications.

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