Digital Media: E-books Publishing Services

Transnational, a digital publishing solution provider, offers a fully integrated digital E-Book conversion process from any type of source file (including hardcopy, PDF, MS WORD, InDesign, and Quark). We create the products needed to meet today's growing market demand for E-Books.

We create Kindle, iPad & Android friendly formats suitable for range of devices from smartphones, tablets devices to e-book readers.


What keeps us ahead of others?

  • . Experience working with international libraries, museums, publishing houses, and universities.
  • . Experience in EBook conversion in languages other than English; these have included Spanish and French with transliterated Arabic.
  • . Expertise in converting from any source material to any EBook format.
  • . High quality product with rapid turnaround times.
  • . Assured complete data security and confidentiality.

TBS E-book Conversion Process.

Step I.
Receiving source
material from client
Step II.
Data capture methods:
1. OCR/Keyboarding or
2. Exporting Data from
3. Exporting Data from
InDesign / Quark
Step III.
Image Processing
Step IV.
Coding (HTML)
Step V.
Step V.
QC and on device testing
Step VIII.
Delivery to the client

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E-book publishing services.

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