research & analytic

1) Comprehensive Workflow System– The Early Warning and Remedial Management modules are extremely relevant and may even be treated as standalone solutions. The overall implementation of the workflow involves integration with the country specific Credit programs and ensuring compliance with the Credit policies. We also advise on the development/standardization of Credit Programs which may be required as a follow up to the workflow implementation.
• Credit Origination, Analysis and Approval.
• Early Warning, which critically examines the facilities for determination of potential threats and taking preventive action.
• Remedial Management, which takes care of facilities classified as Substandard or Doubtful.

2) Financial and LGD/ PD/ EAD modelling

3) We are involved in the consulting and implementation of an integrated financial spreading and rating engine. Some of the key features of this tool are:
• Uniform global spreading models
• Peer Group Analysis
• Covenant and Trigger monitoring
• Stress Testing
• Preparation of Scorecard models
• PD Rating System based on the analysis of the portfolio of the concerned bank
• Preparation and Updation of LGD data
• Calculation of EAD

4) Default Repository for PD / LGD modelling as well as for analytics on the credit appraisal, credit monitoring and collections management.

5) Management and validation of models

6) Analytics, predictive as well as prescriptive, within the various verticals as well as for connecting the dots between the various verticals.