We are an upcoming Architectural and Interior "design support services" provider to the global AEC industry. Based in New York City (marketing office) and its delivery center in the historic city and the capital of India - New Delhi.

We provide value added solutions in:

  • CAD - Architectural & Interior Design Solutions
  • 3D Modeling/ Rendering services
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services/LEED
We are a dynamic team of architects/designers with the experience and talent to understand, collaborate with, and deliver for our clients. The approach is based on a philosophy that emphasizes close communication and a close working relationship between our clients and their staff, to form a cohesive team on each project, regardless of size. This philosophy results in well-organized projects that offer our clients high quality services and reduced overall project costs.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) documentation:

Our CAD services are offered for Commercial, Retail, Corporate, Hospitality, Healthcare, Industrial, Educational, Art and culture, Traffic and Transport, Sports and Residential Architectural projects.

We do four types of CAD based drawings:

  • Construction Documents
  • Schematic Design drawings
  • Design Development drawings
  • Presentation Drawings

3D Modeling/ Rendering and Presentation:

  • CAD-MAX generated solid or surface modeling
  • CAD-MAX generated exterior and interior still renderings
  • Video Animated walk-throughs
  • Customized drawings/presentations for client's presentations and Architectural Competitions

Building Information Modeling (BIM) services:

Now more than ever, the process of communicating and coordinating designs and revisions can be severely hampered by synchronization errors and inaccurate documents. A seamless progression from conception to completion is becoming a necessity. Transnational had decided couple of years back that making the transition from CAD to building information modeling (BIM) is a strategic business imperative. BIM support services at ATransnational empower our clients, enhancing their "Intelligent" production capabilities in order to reduce project cost, increase profitability, save time, and limit the potential for conflict between the disciplines.

Transnational has evolved a unique BIM work-share mechanism providing the range of BIM support services:

  • Creating Building Information model from sketches,
    CAD drawings and 3D renderings.
  • Managing an existing model and adding design &
    construction related information.
  • Creating Revit standards & custom parametric
    families for firms new to BIM.
  • Extracting detailed quantity schedules, cost
    estimation besides providing conflict detection.
  • BIM related 3D visualization, renderings and
  • CAD interoperability support for building services

Working Methodologies

Time-tested production models ensure complete harmony between your intent and our execution. Transnational offers clients two operating paradigms- the Project based model and dedicated mini-studio model.

Studio Model:

Exclusively dedicated studios that service only major clients.
A senior Architect engineer who maintains close supervision over his or her team leads each dedicated studio team.
Continuity is the essence here.
Over time our studio teams evolve a detailed understanding of client preferences and operational styles. Clients get their own private back office in our studio, and our communications systems make the geographical distance meaning less.

Project based Model:

The project-based model is intended to service the smaller, occasional or first-time client.
Here, while the service team may vary, the team leader and key personnel ensure continuity of communication & coordination with the client.

In either case, systems of close monitoring, continuous communication, daily reviews and tight scheduling ensure that each project is deliver on time, and at quality standards that meet the client's expectations.

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Architectural Design & 3D Visualization

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