As our population ages the need for Home Based Healthcare continues to grow. TBS has recognized this as an area that can be significantly impacted through the use of emerging technologies. Our suite of Home Based Healthcare solutions have been developed to be added to those organizations that assist clients and patients while visiting them in their homes. The basis of our Home Based Healthcare solutions is to provide efficiencies, better communication between all parties involved, eliminate interoperability, provide better busineess process management and  promote continuous business process improvements.

The solutions detailed here may be used independently of one another or in conjuction with one another and can be integrated at anytime regardless of which solution you may begin using first.


TBS CareRoutes Tool

Automated Scheduling and Route Optimization Solution!

The TBS CareRoutes Tool may be added to any Home Caregiver Organization as an intergrated or stand alone solution or as depicted below within the TBS Collaboration Portal. Regardless of whether each Visiting Nurse, Certified Home Health Aid or any other Home Health Aid Professional sets their own schedules and routes or if your organization utilizes a scheduling manager, this solution will save both time and money.

Scheduling and Routing of home visits can be a labor intensive task without such a solution as CareRoutes. Just setting up and routing one Caregivers Home Visits for a day could take thirty to forty minutes. Using our CareRoutes Tool will reduce that time by as much as eighty percent. Depending on how many caregivers need daily scheduling this adds up to a significant savings in labor costs. Additionally our route optimization algorithms provide routes that will determine the best visitation order as well as most efficient routes to take between each visit which results in time savings and mileage traveled.


Download an Informational Flyer on  CareRoutes Here! 


TBS Collaboration Plus PRM

Collaborative Patient Relationship Management Solution!

The TBS Collaboration Plus PRM as a stand alone solution allows collaboration between all entities involved with patients required to be cared for in their homes, regardless of whether they are internal or external to the Collaboration platform. The solution captures collaboration between all parties with information specific to individual patients and is maintained in easy to review conversation threads that can be reviewed throughout the care of the patient involved.


Download an Informational Flyer on  Collaboration Plus PRM Here! 

TBS Collaboration Plus PRM has available add on modules such as the scheduling and routing solution to create efficiencies thus reducing the time needed for many of the tasks necessary for the delivery of care to their patients. Additionally many process improvement capabilities can be utilized through the use of other add on solutions which could be customized to an organizations needs.

The TBS Collaboration Plus PRM is one place where initiates to various processes, stream of transactions and reports links are provided at one place.

  • A single place to access transactions in various IT applications
  • Real time collaboration and communication in a HIPAA Compliant environment
  • A social interface for collaborating with colleagues around these transactions
  • An interface to start conversations with a selected group of users
  • Ability to search and create operational lists and share them with other users

TBS Homecare Business Management Platform

Healthcare Interoperable BPM/BPI Solution!

Our Customized Homecare Management Platform could also be a stand alone solution or work in combination with our other solutions regarless of system. The Management Platform setup involves two steps. In the first step, our team will work with your team and map your processes in a ‘Discovery’ phase, and then configure these processes on our Enterprise Class Business Process Management product. This includes a rapid application development and deployment platform to provide a custom built application tailored to your requirements.

An Enterprise class fully integrated BPMS that gives you the ability to

  • Define Process
  • Automate Transactions
  • Integrate Systems
  • Monitor Health of Processes
  • Portal-based Approach
  • Optimize Processes
  • Mobile App