research & analytics 2

This segment provides clients with proprietary financial research and analytics. Transnational’s knowledge center allows financial services clients to reduce their direct and indirect costs, while leveraging a global workforce to become more effective. Clients for this segment include investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds and management consulting companies. Transnational employs highly talented financial analysts with MBA, CFA and CA backgrounds.

Transnational is highly client focused. It engages fewer clients than its competitors, which allows it to provide a broad range of adaptive solutions – and thus a cutting competitive edge – to each client.

Transnational’s approach has not only allowed it to cultivate long-term, senior-level relationships with its clients but to consistently fulfill their changing needs. Transnational has continually adapted itself to meet changing market conditions and an evolving technological landscape.

Transnational’s clients span the entire spectrum of financial services including, but not limited to, M&A Advisory, Asset Management, Corporate Finance, IPO Advisory, Credit financing and Equity Research.

Transnational’s research services spans diverse industry sectors such as Technology/Media/Telecom, Healthcare, Insurance, Consumer/Retail, Power & Energy and Real Estate. Transnational’s technology services team manages the infrastructure for many large companies, and its software development team has developed and supports a range of systems ranging from trading systems to per-formance appraisal applications. With the reach of its three segments, Transnational intends to  penetrate every corner of the financial services industry.