TBS Consultant James B Couch, M.D., J..D., FACPE, Has Article on ACO Shared Savings Distribution Methodology Published in the Bloomberg BNA Health Care Policy Report!

Identifying and Balancing Provider Contributions When Developing an ACO Shared Savings Distribution Methodolgy

In order for an ACO to survive in the move to value based care it is important to first understand the methodology by which all of the providers participating are compensated. James B. Couch, M.D., J..D., FACPE who is a Consulting Partner in the Healthcare Division of Transnational Business Solutions, recently has had an article published in the Bloomberg BNA Health Care Policy Report. The article which you can download from this page will help ACO’s gain insight into the development of a distribution methodolgy for their participating providers. Any reviews or comments should be sent to bna-image1      View Article Here

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